Thursday, July 23, 2009

Katherine and Anisha meet Demi and KSM

It was so fun meeting Demi Lovato and the band KSM. Demi was silent during the meet and greet because she has an hour of silence before each show, but she was still very kind. We gave our demo and a tshirt to Demi's Keyboardist to give to her, so i hope she got it and likes our music.

Meeting KSM was soo much fun tooooo! I (Katherine) told Kate Cabebe, the drummer, how much i love her youtube videos of her doing random things ( and we totally had a moment! She hugged me and everything.

Then we told them that we were in Falcon Punch and they recognized our band from adding them on myspace!!! Kate was like, "THATS THE COOLEST NAME EVER!!!"

IT was soooo awesome. They love us, and we love them.


It's called 'Make You Mine'

Its rockin'! Check it out.

Until next time, We love all of you, Makin' our way to the top,

Falcon Punch

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